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11th January 2015

5:28pm: The Return of Clashfan
So, clearly I haven't been here in a while. I'm reviving this for 2015 for a project I gave myself. My goal is to write weekly reviews of classic 80s albums. On Facebook, I have a group going discussing what fifty albums qualify as the Top 50 Classic 80s Albums. It's been a pretty fun discussion over the last month or so. If you're not in that group, and would like to be, just ping me and I'll send you an invite.

LJ seemed like a better platform to actually post the reviews, so I'll be directing folks here from there.

Anyone still here?

5th April 2014

4:31pm: Six of one, half dozen of . . .
There are questions about the paternity.

13th May 2011

6:49am: If only I'd thought of the right words
Comment and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal.

1st January 2011

3:21pm: ...for just repeating the same old nights
So. I came up with a New Year's Resolution; I don't, always.

I will not re-read books I've read before 2011. I tend to re-read novels a lot, mostly as a comfort thing. Or a lazy thing. I have a lot of books that I certainly wanted at some point, but haven't even cracked open. Not this year!

There is a loophole: Ph and I are anticipating several books that are 'next in the series' to be released this year. I will let myself read the hell out of those, as they come out. However, I do not get to re-read earlier books in the series, to 'refresh my memory'.

15th November 2010

8:39pm: Take it to the hole make your mamma talk
Today I followed through on something I'd been thinking about for a little while. There's been things at work that I would like to do, but can't seem to get off the ground. Either there isn't the kid interest I thought there would be, or I have to jump through hoops that nobody has even set up yet, or, or, or.

Much of my time is spent doing things that anybody could do. Several of these things are kind of pointless. I took a mental health day last week, and there wasn't much backlog of stuff to do upon my return. It makes me wonder sometimes what I'm doing there.

But today,Collapse )
Current Mood: tired

29th October 2010

9:18pm: Tearing up the ground
Okay, I need a reality check. I think I might be overreacting to something, but that I also have a right to be irritated. But I'm probably letting it irk me more than it should. Here's the thing...

Someone was wrong on the internet.Collapse )

I don't know why I'm letting this bug me.

4th October 2010

3:19pm: She feels like water in my hands
Oh night oh night
It has been a long time
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
And I am looking for myself and my loved one
I dream of rain...Collapse )

1st July 2010

12:23pm: After the flood all the colors came out
A friend is teaching summer school to 14-year-olds. She is looking for mail from faraway folks (international preferred, out-of-state appreciated as well) . Just a few lines about geography, culture, language differences. Anyone up for dropping a line to Portland?

Ms. Greenfield
c/o Jefferson HS Summer Transition Academy
5210 N Kerby Ave
Portland, OR 97217-2656


28th April 2010

9:14pm: Doggone.

Dog gone.
Current Mood: morose

22nd March 2010

2:10pm: You should have known that it wasn't loaded
First true day of Spring Break:

* Worked out on the new-to-me weight bench in the basement, to R.E.M.'s Monster

* Hot shower

* Stretching for real, not the lazy stretching I been doing

* Finish cleaning the downstairs before the guys get here
Current Mood: satisfied

21st March 2010

8:19am: Moth to a Flame
She would have kicked Ansel Adams *ass*. Ernie Pyle's spiritual daughter. Or Edward R. Murrow's.

PS A Kiwi by birth, she lived all over the world.

24th February 2010

10:15pm: Hanging tough, staying hungry
Things have been tough for me at work lately. I mean, really tough. One night night, I came home, looked at Ph, and said, "They're all so broken." And burst into tears. Also, I've been struggling with feeling underappreciated, unrecognized, and disrespected. There is never enough time, I am always behind, and I've always forgotten something. I've been feeling like no one notices what I do, unless it's a screw-up or something I've NOT done.

Tonight, I watched the girls' basketball team play their last home game of the season. They lost 81-13. They only dressed nine players, just seven of which are any good at all. They had to shut down the JV team last week, for several reasons. I'd have to check, but I don't think they've won a game in three years. Maybe more.

Those girls played tough for 32 minutes. They played tough all season. They never quit, they never got down on themselves or each other. They scrapped and fought and hustled. They improved all through the season. They may have been over-matched in size. They might have been over-matched in skill. But they were never, not once, over-matched in heart. They played with passion, with guts, and even with fun.

Those guys are my new heroes.
Current Mood: thoughtful

19th February 2010

12:57pm: Don't expect any time to equivocate the past
I don't care about Tiger Woods' affairs/booty calls, and don't see why they are international news.
Current Mood: apathetic

11th February 2010

8:01pm: You say it's your...
Happy Birthday Rivet!

We've known each other more than half our lives. Weird, huh?

15th November 2009

9:21am: So forget Oreos eat Cool J cookies
I woke up slowly, still dreaming. Of eating Oreos, one after the other, twisting the tops off, stacking them into DoubleStuffs, just eating them, no milk, even. I miss Oreos. I miss 'em a lot.

Raven finally got 'round to asking me her questions:

13th November 2009

8:02pm: Questions, I've got some questions
From fuvenusrs:

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

Here's what she asked me, with mah answers:

Current Mood: okay

10th August 2009

8:37pm: I have a new favorite website.

I ganked it from fuvenusrs, who might have the largest sack of any female I've ever met.

Eat that, bitches.

29th July 2009

12:27pm: ...a tropical heat wave.
Holy shit is it hot. It was hot yesterday--106. Hotter today, 107 or 108. Our AC is out. I hope the guy can come fix it today. With luck it's just a disconnected thing from when they put in the gas furnace last March.

I'd like to write about my trip to the Bay Area, but I can't focus very well.

106 F = 41 C

18th June 2009

5:42pm: You say it's your...
Happy Birthday Twig!

You are a mostest excellentest friend and I hope your day is magnificent!

5:30pm: In the shape of an L on her forehead
So, several weeks ago, I was told that I have a conference in the Bay Area in mid-July. I was told that our Travel Desk will let us delay flights back to have longer stays, as long as we pay any difference in price that might accrue. So, I booked for an extra TEN FREAKING DAYS, leaving out of Oakland. I figured I could hang with Twig, and Ravenslost, and maybe one or two others. I was un-careful when I did this. Turns out Twig has plans of her own in mid-July, some of which involve being Out Of Town. :-(

So, Ravenslost is a gracious and generous soul, and I'm pretty sure I can hang with her and Melissa_Actress for several of these days. But I do not wish to wear out my welcome--like to mix things up a little. Anyone want a houseguest for a night or two? I will DJ your evening; tidy up dishes; mind a child; make you laugh; give backrubs; etc. I like watching movies, playing board games, going out to Karaoke, and am willing to give lots of things a whirl. I do not mind being a leaf on the wind.

Anyone in the Bay Area need an extremely short-term Kato Kaelin? (murder alibis sold separately)

(too soon?)

9th May 2009

4:41pm: And I was breathing gasoline
I have a song by the Butthole Surfers in my head. I had a Dream Last Night. It's a smokin' track, but I'm ready for something else now.

7th May 2009

8:34pm: Not Enough Time
Great day today!

Field trip I was dreading went super-well. The kids were angels and got back to the bus on time with minimal lassoing.

Burgerville's real ice cream Mocha Java shakes are da bomb.

Weather held mostly sunny, which it should keep to through the weekend.

Out to dinner with Phoebe--I love fondue!

Oh, and there was this phone call I had which was just fantastic.
Current Mood: cheerful

24th March 2009

9:39pm: Maybe I'll be better by next year
So, Am and I went into Nanaimo today. I cleverly tried to read a Lily Allen CD liner notes. While driving on windy country roads. I got out and walked around a little on the ferry, but got more diesel fumes than was truly advisable. This went on until I harfed out the car window. Total flamejob. Not cool. Am & Mo were very kind, but I felt bad about their paint. I got a litre of ginger ale while Am finished her errands.

After a lie down, I had a dish of bison stew, and now feel set to rights.
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